A Comprehensive Guide For International Students Arriving In Canada

Many international students dream of studying in Canada, and obtaining a study permit is a crucial step in realising this aspiration. This comprehensive guide aims to provide prospective international students with an in-depth understanding of the Canada study permit application process. From eligibility requirements to recent updates, it offers valuable insights to ensure a successful application.

Eligibility Requirements:

To begin the journey of studying in Canada, international students must meet specific eligibility criteria outlined by the Canadian government. These criteria include

Enrollment at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI): Applicants must be accepted into a DLI recognised by the Canadian government for offering quality education.

Financial Capacity: Students must exhibit the financial capacity to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and return transportation, guaranteeing that they can sustain themselves throughout their academic journey.

Legal Compliance: Applicants must comply with Canadian laws, possess a clean criminal record, and provide a police certificate if required.

Health Requirements: Good health is essential, and in some cases, applicants may need to undergo a medical exam to ensure they meet health standards.

Intent to Leave Canada: Convincing immigration officers of the intention to leave Canada upon the study permit’s expiration is a crucial aspect of the eligibility criteria.

How To Apply For International Student In Canada

Application Process:

Study Permit Application:

  • Prospective students should initiate the Canada study permit application before travelling to Canada.
  • Emphasise that a study permit is distinct from a visa; a visitor visa or electronic travel authorisation (eTA) may be necessary.

Student Direct Stream (Sds):

  • Residents of specific countries may opt for the SDS for expedited processing, highlighting the importance of checking eligibility for this stream.

Responsibilities During Studies:

  • Once in Canada, students must consistently progress in their programs, adhere to Canada study permit conditions and be aware of the consequences of not meeting requirements.

Documentation Required:

Proof Of Acceptance:

  • Obtaining a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from the DLI is a fundamental requirement.
  • Special mention of the LOA validation process for post-secondary students applying from outside Canada.

Proof Of Identity:

  • Valid passport or travel document.
  • Submission of recent passport-size photos.

Proof Of Financial Support:

  • Delve into various options for demonstrating financial capacity, such as Canadian bank accounts, Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs), education loans, and bank statements.
  • Highlight the annual updates to minimum fund requirements, which vary by province.

Additional Documents:

  • An in-depth explanation of supplementary documents, including a Letter of Explanation, Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) for those studying in Quebec, medical exams, and Custodian Declaration for minor children.
  • Emphasise the importance of following local requirements and instructions from the visa office.

Application Updates:

Financial Requirements (Effective January 1, 2024):

  • A detailed explanation of the updated cost-of-living requirements, which are adjusted annually based on Statistics Canada’s low-income cut-off.

New Study Permit Application Form (Imm1294):

  • Informing prospective applicants about the new version of the study permit application form available since December 1, 2023.
  • A stern reminder that applications submitted with the old version after this date will not be accepted.

Application Process Tips:


  • A strong recommendation for online application, whether the applicant is outside or within Canada.
  • A note on exceptional cases where paper applications are allowed.

Document Preparation:

  • Emphasise the significance of submitting a complete application, including the essential Letter of Acceptance.


This comprehensive guide equips prospective international students with the knowledge needed to navigate the Canada study permit application process successfully. From understanding eligibility requirements to staying updated on recent changes, this guide empowers students to make informed decisions and enhances their chances of a smooth application experience. As the Canadian education system continues to attract students worldwide, adherence to these guidelines ensures a seamless transition into academic life in Canada.