How Soundproof Doors and Windows Can Improve Your Home Office Environment?

After 2019-20, we have seen a rise in hybrid working models in the corporate sector. The hybrid model basically means that people are allowed to work from home on some days of the week while they have to go to the office on the other days. Consequently, setting up an office at home has become essential. When we talk about the office environment, office buildings are designed so that outside noises are blocked out deliberately. This is to ensure a secure and peaceful working environment, free from the outside world’s distractions, such as car honking, vendors shouting, generators working and other city noises.

Architects and home designers are now committed to creating home spaces conducive to work. This transition has had a significant impact on the fenestration industry, leading to the development of aluminium windows with soundproof glass. This innovative approach creates an efficient soundproof door and window system, which not only enhances the productivity and focus of remote workers but also inspires them to perform at their best.

Benefits of Soundproof Doors And Windows in Your Home Office

Soundproof aluminium glass window systems can give you the perfect office environment inside your home; let us see how:

●      Noise reduction

The main purpose of installing soundproof glass window systems at home is to minimise external noise. This helps reduce the noise coming from the neighbourhood and creates a conducive environment for concentration, leading to enhanced employee productivity. Reduced noise interference also improves phone and video call clarity, enhancing communication with clients and colleagues and transforming your home into a mini office space.

●      Breaking the Monotony

Aluminum has inherent structural integrity that allows for the installation of expansive glass within thin frames. These expansive glass views can provide individuals working from home with a much-needed break and a connection to the outside world. This connection breaks the monotony of staring at a screen and relieves the person from the screen time that has exponentially increased in the past years, making them feel less isolated and more connected.

●      Clean, Minimal and Elegant Designs

The home office setup requires several items, such as a laptop, desktop, mouse, table, chair, books, files, and an alarm, among others. Therefore, creating a home office space calls for minimalistic design specifications. Aluminium soundproof door and window systems are ideal for those looking to establish a home office. This is because aluminium’s malleability, ductility, and inherent strength enable manufacturers to create thin, slim, and sleek frame designs capable of supporting 70-80 kg. These designs give your office space a clean look that will make you want to work there every day.

Improve Your Home Office Environment With Eternia

Eternia is backed by Hindalco, Aditya Birla Group, which is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminium in the world. It is the only company in the world to use duranium, which is an aluminium alloy created especially for the Eternia range by Hindalco engineers. The aluminium door and window range at Eternia is made keeping in mind the demand for a peaceful home office environment. They focus on good quality sealing mechanism-gasket-based sealing; laminating, and glazing the glass for effective sound cancelling. A maximum soundproof glass window system can be achieved with Eternia as their windows from the Premium range can be customised up to a glass thickness of 40 mm!

Eternia windows and doors come with a warranty of 12 years on the profiles and a 2-year warranty on the moving hardware.


The true advantages of working from home can be reaped only if you have created a separate space for working. Categorising and compartmentalising is the only way to effectively produce results. Aluminium windows and doors that have high quality soundproof glass window specifications are an addition that will help you improve your home office environment.